What to Expect on Your First Workshop

Workshops are for training and for you to get acquainted with Shoreline's stage and culture. We will run through two songs on the big stage, regrouping after each song to discuss how we can fine tune our craft. 

We are looking at two main things at workshops:

1. Pathos - the ability to pull passion from the people you're leading.

2. Ethos - the skill at which you communicate your craft. 

(We will discuss this further at workshops)

A few tips to come ready:

1. You can come between 4:30-5:00pm to set up and get your Mic and pack. 

2. Bring in ear monitors or the best headphones you have.

3. Memorize your lyrics!

4. Ask questions! We are here to serve you along the way!

5. As always, "Decline, you'll be fine.”

If you can't make it for any reason, no big deal! Just hit the red decline button and put a reason in there!