We are looking for community driven Creatives who have a passion for serving the Lord through the local church with all their heart, soul, mind and talents. 

If this is you, fill out the form to apply to our Open Auditions.

FOR Vocal or Band Auditions

  • Record a short video introducing yourself and singing or playing your instrument to any worship song of your choice

  • Please note: we cannot move forward with your audition if we don't have a video

  • Make sure the video gives an accurate representation of your skill

  • Upload video to Youtube or Vimeo and post a link in application

For Photographers

  • Attach a link to your online profile in place of the audition form

For Tech/Audio/Lighting

  • Don't worry about a video, just click your desired box and we'll get in touch with you

What happens next

  • Once you've submitted your application, we'll review it and shoot you an email on your next steps.

GOT Questions?

  • Send an email to audition@shoreline.net



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We want to get to know you! We'd love to know when you became a Christian, how and who led you to the Lord, how your walk has unfolded, where music comes in, how long you've been singing/playing, etc.
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Shoreline Growth Track is a night for attenders to learn more about the foundations of the Christian faith, the vision of Shoreline and who God made you to be!
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