Residency Program

Year 2020


Residency Program

Year 2020

Discovering your calling in the field

Are you in a transition season, between where you've been and where you want to be? Are you looking for hands-on experience and training to really explore if worship and ministry is what you're called to do? Then Shoreline Music's Residency may be the right move for you. 


1-2 Year | Intensive On-the-Job Training

Shoreline’s residency program is a unique invite-only opportunity providing a full-time church staff experience, life on life discipleship and mentorship, and intensive training in Biblical Ministry. The goal of the residency is to prepare the resident for full-time vocational ministry, contribute to a strong resume and training in doctrine and music. 


What the Resident Can Expect

The Resident will serve at Shoreline Church from Sunday to Thursday alongside full-time staff of Shoreline Music and the other creative departments at Shoreline. The Resident will attend all meetings of the Production Team and learn how to work on a team to create Sunday Worship Experiences, Conferences, Events and special services at Shoreline. The Resident will also get a behind the scenes view of the recording process, raising a culture of worship leaders, building a brand and facilitating a summer internship. The Resident will also participate in Services and Live Recordings at Shoreline.


Application Process

Since the Residency is invite-only, the application process requires one Skype or sit down meeting, a background check and a completed application.


Raising Support 

Shoreline’s Residency program offers support-raised positions that are designed to launch the resident into full-time ministry opportunities. All monies raised will be fully tax exempt, charitable donations to Shoreline Church, designated for the Resident during his or her time in the program.

Once accepted to the program, resident can begin raising funds. Donations can be one time lump sum or monthly pledges. The amount needed is a predetermined number decided by resident and Shoreline Music Staff, based on resident’s living expenses. 


Residency Application

Residency Application


  • Complete your application in full
  • Ensure your three Character References are completed and submitted by someone of influence in your life
  • After this application has been processed, we will organize a Skype or in person interview to complete the process. 

Unfortunately we cannot process your application until all of these items are submitted. We're excited to hear from you!

Basic Info
Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Phone *
Address *
Family and Contacts
Name, Phone, Relationship
Christian Life Details
Have you been baptized? *
Do you serve there? *
Personal Goals & Dreams
Choose all that apply to your STRENGTHS: *
Choose all that apply to your WEAKNESSES: *
Trained, lessons, choirs, bands, churches, schools, etc
Medical History
Do you have any health challenges that we should be aware of in your time with us? *
Do you have health insurance? *
Residency Agreement
By submitting this application, I confirm the following: *
The information I have given is correct and may be verified by Shoreline Church if necessary. I understand that if I am admitted to the Internship, Shoreline Church reserves the right to disqualify me from the residency for any reason it deems appropriate. I hereby release and will not hold Shoreline Church responsible from all claims arising under this application. I further understand that a criminal record check may be conducted on me and I consent to any such check.

Residency Character Reference Application

Residency Character Reference Application

Dear Pastor, Leader, Mentor,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this character reference application for the resident. He/She is applying for admission to Shoreline Church's Worship Residency and is asking you to provide an honest, clear reference. Serious consideration is given to this reference, so your comments are important. The residency trains committed Christians to serve the local church. 

Please be frank and fair in your comments to assist our assessment of the applicant. If the applicant currently attends another church in Austin, Texas, they will be required to make Shoreline Church their home church for the duration of their residency. Permission and release from their Pastor/Leader is required in such situations. 

Name of Applicant *
Name of Applicant
Name of Pastor/Leader/Mentor *
Name of Pastor/Leader/Mentor
Phone (Pastor/Leader/Mentor) *
Phone (Pastor/Leader/Mentor)
How well do you know the applicant? *
Does the applicant know Jesus are their Lord and Savior? *
Does the applicant live in visible surrender to Jesus? *
Does the applicant live by Biblical moral standards? *
How would you rate the applicant in LEADERSHIP: *
How would you rate the applicant in RESPONSIBILITY: *
How would you rate the applicant in LOYALTY TO THE CHURCH: *
To what extent is the applicant engaged in activities in your church/department? *
The Shoreline Music Residency program expects a high level of commitment to study and to church life, outside of their personal and educational commitments. In your opinion, does the applicant possess the ability and willingness to cope with the pressures that these expectations may have? *
Do you wish for this reference to remain confidential? *

Fundraising Training

Fundraising Training


Three Tenets of Fund Raising - 

1. Match the needs of the donor with the needs of the organization. People are called to give to the movement of the church, raising leaders is part of that movement. 

2. Philanthropy is not logical, its emotional. Connect on an emotional level, this isn't about setting your life up but its about equipping you to reach their kids and their kids’ kids.

3. Have a reachable goal like a series of meetings in a defined period. “I'm gonna take this month and meet with 8 people then reassess.”


Seven Keys to Successful Fundraising - 

1. Commitment - Commit to follow through on all of your established goals. Make sure these goals are reachable and reassess after goal is met.

2. Case for Support - Have a clear and consistent message that connects the donor to the cause. Memorize your pitch in a short two-sentence form and a long more thought through form.

3. Local Impact - Answer the question “How will this impact my community?” How does the donor benefit from giving?

4. Measurable Outcomes - Show the donor how you quantify results to what they are giving to. i.e. a monthly newsletter, recordings, video blogs.

5. How will money be spent - Donors want to know how funds will be used, and Shoreline needs to do what they say they'll do. Be ready to communicate this point with surety and confidence.

6. Ask for Money Clearly - Know the campaign Objectives and ask for money confidently and clearly. Collect your gift asap or get it in written pledge. 

7. Stewardship - Donors want to be seen and thanked! Thank them 7 times!


Set a meeting.

Prepare your pitch in practice and in prayer.

Meet your goals. 

Say "Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

Also, be strategic about building your confidence! Pair higher risk meetings with lower risk meetings. If you feel confident that a donor will give meet with them the same week that you think a donor might not give. Practice your pitch with people who love you and who you know will support you! ASK FOR FEEDBACK! Getting the pitch down is essential!