Dear Pastor, Leader, Mentor,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this character reference application for the resident. He/She is applying for admission to Shoreline Church's Worship Residency and is asking you to provide an honest, clear reference. Serious consideration is given to this reference, so your comments are important. The residency trains committed Christians to serve the local church. 

Please be frank and fair in your comments to assist our assessment of the applicant. If the applicant currently attends another church in Austin, Texas, they will be required to make Shoreline Church their home church for the duration of their residency. Permission and release from their Pastor/Leader is required in such situations. 

Name of Applicant *
Name of Applicant
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Name of Pastor/Leader/Mentor
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Phone (Pastor/Leader/Mentor)
How well do you know the applicant? *
Does the applicant know Jesus are their Lord and Savior? *
Does the applicant live in visible surrender to Jesus? *
Does the applicant live by Biblical moral standards? *
How would you rate the applicant in LEADERSHIP: *
How would you rate the applicant in RESPONSIBILITY: *
How would you rate the applicant in LOYALTY TO THE CHURCH: *
To what extent is the applicant engaged in activities in your church/department? *
The Shoreline Music Residency program expects a high level of commitment to study and to church life, outside of their personal and educational commitments. In your opinion, does the applicant possess the ability and willingness to cope with the pressures that these expectations may have? *
Do you wish for this reference to remain confidential? *