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Who is Our Community?


Who is Our Community?

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.
— Jane Howard

The Shoreline Worship Community is made up of imperfect people, living into their gifting and callings, striving for excellence in their craft, and passionate about lifting up the name of Jesus. 

We are people of Ethos (excellence in skill), Pathos (passionate influence), and Logos (knowledge of God and His Word).


Shoreline Music is a volunteer driven team. Volunteers make up over half of our weekend team. We are so proud to work with some of the most dedicated, honoring, Jesus seeking, and passionate people in the city of Austin, week in and week out. 


We believe that valuable rehearsal time should be more than mechanics. Before any production run throughs, we gather our team, one of our worship staff does a 5-15 min devotion to refocus us on the "why" of what we do. Then we gather in groups of 3-4 and pray over one another. This time has served to be the most fruitful because it creates a contagious atmosphere of intimacy and love. 


We believe time together creates chemistry and camaraderie off stage before you'll ever see it on stage. We have an open night of creative prayer and worship during our Tuesday rehearsals for team members not scheduled that weekend to connect.


Shoreline Music staff all serve as pastors in our department. They serve in their musical and leadership capacity over the weekend, but during the week, they are pastoring, mentoring, coffee-ing, with volunteers and other local worship leaders in our city. 


Equipping and empowering our team comes in high priority. We believe the health of any organism depends on the nutrients it receives. Therefore, we're working and designing a program for our sphere or influence that equips, encouragers, and empowers them to search out the heart and mission of God. 


Summer Internship


Summer Internship


*Shoreline internship is currently closed. APPLICATIONS will RE-open Jan 2020.

June - August 2020


The goal of Shoreline Church Creative Internship is to equip and establish worship leaders, musicians, lighting techs, audio engineers, videographer, photographers, and artists to be effective in the skills of their gifting by exposing them holistically to practical elements and the spiritual development within a worshipping culture striving to unveil God’s love to the world.


Guys and girls, worship leaders, musicians, lighting techs, audio engineers, videographer, photographers, and artists, committed to following Jesus who have a passion and gifting to lead the local church in worship, through. 


Experiences will include, but are not limited to life on life mentoring with Shoreline Music staff, participating in day to day tasks surrounding ministry practices, attending staff and event planning meetings, crafting worship services for small groups, rehearsing with choirs, band and vocalists as needed, singing with worship choir and worship team and/or playing with band, assembling and managing small teams, assisting media teams in the preparation and presentation of worship through video, computer, and audio venues. 


Interns are responsible for their own housing and transportation to and from Shoreline Church for the duration of their stay in Austin. 

Will you Join us this Summer?

Internship applications will open up January 2020.


Residency Program

Year 2019

Residency Program

Year 2019

Discovering your calling in the field

Are you in a transition season, between where you've been and where you want to be? Are you looking for hands-on experience and training to really explore if worship and ministry is what you're called to do? Then Shoreline Music's Residency may be the right move for you. 


1 Year | Intensive On-the-Job Training

Shoreline’s residency program is a unique invite-only opportunity providing a full-time church staff experience, life on life discipleship and mentorship, and intensive training in Biblical Ministry. The goal of the residency is to prepare the resident for full-time vocational ministry, contribute to a strong resume and training in doctrine and music. 


What the Resident Can Expect

The Resident will serve at Shoreline Church from Sunday to Thursday alongside full-time staff of Shoreline Music and the other creative departments at Shoreline. The Resident will attend all meetings of the Production Team and learn how to work on a team to create Sunday Worship Experiences, Conferences, Events and special services at Shoreline. The Resident will also get a behind the scenes view of the recording process, raising a culture of worship leaders, building a brand and facilitating a summer internship. The Resident will also participate in Services and Live Recordings at Shoreline.


Application Process

Since the Residency is invite-only, the application process requires one Skype or sit down meeting, a background check and a completed application.


Raising Support 

Shoreline’s Residency program offers support-raised positions that are designed to launch the resident into full-time ministry opportunities. All monies raised will be fully tax exempt, charitable donations to Shoreline Church, designated for the Resident during his or her time in the program.

Once accepted to the program, resident can begin raising funds. Donations can be one time lump sum or monthly pledges. The amount needed is a predetermined number decided by resident and Shoreline Music Staff, based on resident’s living expenses. 


2019 Resident Candidates