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Deeper Still | Female Led | Key D


Like a river
Your mercy rushes in
Clearing the way to life
GIving me hope again

Like an ocean
Beyond all I can see
Deep in the Father's heart
Encompassing all of me

Oh Lord
How great is Your love
How deep and how wide
That You have lavished on us

Even further
You gently beckon me
Into the flow of grace
Love like and endless sea

Like a current
Pulling underneath
Steady into Your heart
Your love is drawing me

Deeper still
Deeper still
Into Your heart there is no end
Lord You are calling me out

Writers: Staci Jinkerson, Tyson Morlet



Good | Female Led Worship Song | Key of G

Female Led | Key of G | Mid-Tempo


We are needy, we are broken
Lost in awe of who You are
Life gets messy, we are hurting
But You are there to heal our hearts

Storms may rage around
But we will rest in the truth we've found

You are good
You are good
In the valley low, we trust because we know
You are good
You are good
We will praise Your name and give You everything
For You are good

Jesus Savior, Our Messiah
You came to make our sin to cease
In our weakness, You're made strong
In our storms, You're our peace

We lift our hands, we lift our hands
We lift our hands to You, for You are good
We lift our hearts, we lift our hearts
We lift our hearts to You, for You are good