A few weekends ago, I took my girls to San Antonio. We enjoyed the river walk and the San Antonio zoo. I took them to the Rainforest Cafe and it was amazing to see their eyes light up when the artificial thunderstorms would happen and the electronic animals would move and roar. 

I asked my oldest, she's four, what her favorite part was. 

She said it was the elephants AT THE RAINFOREST CAFE. 

I tried to explain to her that those weren't real elephants and that we actually did see real elephants... and lions, and rhinos, and giraffes. But she didn't care. The restaurant's sad imitations were more than enough for her. 

She was willing to settle for a substitute. 

When we sing about Heaven coming to earth, about that God cares about flooding the earth, we are saying we refuse to settle for a substitute. 

We're saying "I've seen the real thing. I've experienced the real thing and this ain't it and I can't stand by and pretend like this is it, I need the real thing!"

That's why we worship. 

We look to someone greater than ourselves and say, "I need the real thing".

We look at fear and say, "you have to leave, you're a sad imitation". We look at pain and say, "you've got to go, you don't belong here". We look at the way things are and say, "Heaven come to earth". 

We refuse to settle for a substitute. 

And so we raise our arms and declare in our world that God's heaven reality will flood ours because when we no longer settle for what we see, we reach up and pull Heaven to earth. 



Article Written by Tyson Morlet | Worship Pastor at Shoreline Church, Austin, TX. Father of two girls and husband of 8 years, Tyson's mission is to see the Church (global and local) worship God in spirit and truth.