The process IS the platform.

The original recording is from Creative Team Night on February 13, 2018.


  • Am I waiting for God to change me, while He is waiting for me to step first?

  • If you want to see change, hard work comes first.

  • After hard work comes temporary weakness.

  • If you do not push yourself to failure, do not expect to grow.

  • Jesus allowed himself to experience temporary weakness, He pushed to failure at the cross, so that He would accomplish real strength for humanity in the resurrection. 

  • People may see your gifting, but when they know how you got there, that's where real ministry happens. You become a funnel for God's transforming power. 

  • A pedestal is something that holds something worthy of glory. A pillar bears the weight of something bigger than itself.

  • Are you will to push past where others were willing to stop? Do not stop one stop short.

  • Worship leading is encouraging and empowering OTHERS to get to the next stop too.

  • Are you bearing weight so that the burden is less on others? 

  • You're not going to know what you've been prepared for until you "step into the water".

  • Don't be the audience to what God is doing.