As a kid, I remember asking the question over and over, "Who said?" Who said you could do that? Who said I have to go home? Who said I can't eat that? Who said, who said, who said...

As I got older, I realized my need for people to answer the "Who said" question never really went away. Except now it was chipping away at my identity. "Who said I'm bossy? Who said I'll never make it? Who said I'm not good enough."

Until one day, I realized, people's "Said's" don't hold a candle to what GOD SAID. GOD said we are valuable enough to send His Son to die so that we might be free. 

He said you're His son, His daughter (John 1:12)
He said you're free (Romans 8:2)
He said you're His friend (John 15:15)
He said your life is redeemed (Romans 3:24)
He said you're victorious (2 Corinthians 2:14)
He said you are chosen (Ephesians 1:4)

Live into that freedom friends. It doesn't matter what people say, or what your own mind says, you are who He says you are. End of Story. :)